In matters of FAITH let us have unity.
In matters of OPINION let us allow liberty.
In ALL THINGS let us have love.

  1. To EXALT Christ as Head of the Church.
  2. To RESTORE Christianity to its New Testament ideal.
  3. To BUILD the Lord’s Church without denominational name, worldly made creed or other barrier to Christian unity.
  4. To LEAD people to Christ by the clear New Testament plan of salvation.
  5. To SERVE all people by developing a mature membership which will love people and be involved.
Richmond Christian Chapel

The Richmond Christian Chapel is an undenominational, independent church, based on the New Testment Church.

THE PLEA: The unity of all believers in Christ.
THE PLAN: The restoration of the New Testament Church in name.
THE PURPOSE: The evangelization of the world, answering the prayer of the Lord in John 17.
THE RULE: The Bible as the inspired Word of God, and especially the New Testament as our authority in matters of faith and practice.
THE NAME: The undenominational Bible name; “Christian”.

You are invited to a friendly church.
The warmth of fellowship is unmistakable.

We care about you. A warm welcome is extended to each person in the name of Christ. You will never find a Church where you are more appreciated.

We believe the Bible is inspired by God. It is the means by which He makes His will known to us. We strive to keep our approach fresh and simple, relating God’s message to today’s needs without getting in a rut of worldly made traditions.

We are undenominational and therefore free in Christ to govern ourselves, choose our own leaders, and determine our own programs.

We support foreign and home missions. By keeping our eyes on others we resist the tendency to become self-centered.

The Richmond Christian Chapel is happy to help with the following Missions

Show-Me Christian Youth Home
West Central Christian Service Camp
Central Christian College of the Bible
GAP of Ray County
Heaven’s Helpers

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